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Kickstarter and Kickbacks: Pomplamoose goes begging

When I wrote about Kickstarter in a recent post entitled Beggars’ Banquet: New Music Schemes for New Music Dreams, I mentioned Pomplamoose as a group that seems to be doing very well using their own creative marketing ideas (primarily on Youtube). They’ve received several (hopefully) lucrative advertising contracts with Hyundai and Toyota, they are touring […]

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The Answer is Blowing in the BrassWind

The New York Times CityRoom Blog reported that New York City’s iconic percussion store Drummers World is closing as of Dec. 28, 2011. For drummers, this store was indeed a “mecca”–every visit to New York required a stop at Drummers World, if not always to purchase something, then just to commune with fellow enthusiasts and […]

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Beggars’ Banquet: New Music Schemes for New Music Dreams

Over the last decade, we’ve heard a lot about new marketing and funding strategies for music and musicians that were emerging in the age of ubiquitous internet coverage and access. Streaming music and video, Youtube, email lists, artist/group websites and blogs, fanzines, Facebook, digital and hardcopy sales, self-publishing, on-demand publishing, and others. As inexpensive and […]

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Jazz in Crisis: Part II

Jazz in Crisis: Part II Yes, jazz is in a state of crisis; “the fabled days of yore are gone,and no amount of education or archaic posturing is going to bring them back by attracting or enthralling an obviously disinterested public.”  And yet, I do think that we live in a time of remarkable creative […]

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Alternative Music? Really?

It is, however, fairly easy to determine what is not Alt—Madonna is not Alt, Usher doesn’t make the cut, and Britney Spears may be alt-ered, but she definitely is not Alt. The paragons of anti-Alt, however, have to be the cookie-cutter Frankensteins rolling off the American Idol assembly line. Nothing could better exemplify the antithesis of Alt than this soulless parade of musical nonentities who degrade themselves on a weekly basis, pathetically genuflecting in front of a panel of musical nonentities, all for 15 minutes of borrowed fame singing someone else’s song. I may not be sure of what Alt is exactly, but I’m very sure this spectacle is about as far away from it as you can get.

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The MP3 Filesharing Fiesta: Party like it’s $9.99

Universities and college students are also high on the RIAA’s list. Police raids in which computers and hard drives are seized are apparently acceptable at our nation’s institutions of higher learning:

“I thought they were coming in for a drug raid,” said Josh Cavinee, a sophomore at Ohio State University. “They came in, patted me down and made me sit in the corner,” he said. “It’s a good thing we didn’t have drugs here.”

The RIAA is also sending out a record number of “filesharing takedown” (copyright) notices to universities across the country. Their purpose is quite clear as is shown in the heading on a flyer from the Information Technology Division of Texas Tech University informing students of possible RIAA “audits” which reads: “DON’T GET SUED OR IMPRISONED: You can’t afford the long arm of the RIAA.”

Don’t worry about the RIAA’s “long arms”–their “arms” are stumps, having been cut off by technology and consumer choice. There is little to fear from these Luddites who (so far) refuse to acknowledge the death of their monopoly on the production and distribution of music.

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