Guest Blog: Why I Hate Rhythm Changes

My friend Bob Hartig kindly asked me to write a “guest blog” on his site, (lots of content on many different topics, including chasing storms!). I immediately found my topic when I read Bob’s post entitled Why I Love Rhythm Changes. It gave me the perfect excuse to come clean on my lifelong dislike for rhythm changes, and respond with a contrarian guest post on his site, provocatively and rhetorically entitled  Why I Hate Rhythm Changes.

Bob is a marvelous musician, truly a force of nature himself, whose sound on the alto is something that must be heard to be believed (if he wants to, he’ll put the “storm” into Stormy Weather like no one you’ve ever heard).  He’s also equally at home playing everything from be-bop to free jazz, which he does when he’s not working as a consummate pro in the publishing industry.  If it’s not obvious already, Bob is a very interesting person, so make sure to visit his site.  In particular, check out his amazing duo recording with Ric Troll entitled Eyes on Mars.

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